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Our halacha site has something for everybody. Halacha2go.com is special. On the surface it is a daily Practical halacha video, audio or text delivered in a clear and concise format, a quick interesting learn for anyone. But as you dig deeper and read through the sources you get lost in a world of torah. With complex analysis of the Mishnah, Gemarah, Rishonim and Achronim, Halacha2go is the playing field of any learned Rabbi, You can make a difference. By donating to this cause, you are becoming a partner in the learning of of halacha by thousands of people every day. Please consider making a donation small, large or whatever you can to protect and sustain halacha2go.

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Yossi Teleshevsky
Halacha2go.com Director

כל השונה הלכות בכל יום מובטח לו שהוא בן עולם הבא מגילה כח,ב; נדה עג,ב

He who studies halachos every day is assured to have a portion in Olam Habah (World to Come).


Annual Budget $171,374

41.22% Raised

Budget Details

Content $31,580 needed
  • Content research for 614 topics $15,350
  • Scholerly notes and vast citation $23,025
  • Editor colaberation and proofreading $6,140
  • Presentation of 921 one minute videos $9,210
Publication $39,736 needed
  • Layout and design of the weekly brousure $150 x 52 weeks = $13,000
  • Printing 10,000 copies of "The week in review" $26,000
  • Logistics handeling the printing pickup, drop off and distribution center ... $7,800
  • distribution to over 1000 locations $400 per week = $20,800
Whatsapp $5,784 needed
  • Preperation of the daily Whatsapp and sending to over 25 lists $20 per day = $6,140
  • list upkeep for the whats app answering people and adding people to the lists $10 per day = $9,840
Text $8,662 needed
  • transcribe the halachas from the video $8 x 307 = $2,456
  • transcribe and write up of each halacha in a readable fassion $40 x 307 = $12,280
Email $2,939 needed
  • preperation of the daily email and sending $10
  • list upkeep to avoid being considered to spam
Website $2,351 needed
  • building and upkeeping the website uploading the daily content $4,000
Video $9,683 needed
  • Videographer for 921 videos $4,605
  • Edtting for 921 videos $7,368
  • Studio setup for 45 video sessions $4,500


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